Law Enforcement Powered by CNG

A recent news story out of Colorado focused on the Fort Lupton police department converting its entire police fleet to run on CNG. One of NGV Solutions' specialties is working with law enforcement agencies to convert their fleets – recent customers include the Booneville, Flowood and Pontotoc, Mississippi police departments.

Why would a police department turn to CNG-powered vehicles for their fleet? In Fort Lupton’s case, the economic downturn prevented them from purchasing any new vehicles between 2008 and 2012. After these four years, city officials knew replacement vehicles were overdue, but questioned how to plan for vehicles on a small city’s tight budget, in addition to meeting other city goals of becoming greener.

Many law enforcement agencies in and near our Southeastern United States footprint are experiencing the same economic (and environmental) pinch. Part of our NGV Solutions service is providing a free, economic analysis when an agency, organization or business provides us with their fleet data. Generally, the cost to convert or purchase a natural gas vehicle (NGV) is returned through annual fleet fuel savings, plus many states have incentive or rebate programs for alternative fuel vehicles.

CNG advocates know that in addition to fuel savings, NGVs also have cleaner tailpipe emissions and less maintenance requirements than those with diesel engines.

In Fort Lupton’s case, when gasoline and diesel prices were higher in 2013 and 2014, the city was saving about $7,500 per year through lower pump prices for CNG. While that shrunk when gasoline prices fell earlier this year, the city knows its CNG prices will stay in the $2 per gallon gasoline equivalent, even when gasoline prices rebound, allowing for better budgeting for its fuel costs.

At NGV Solutions’ public CNG fueling station in Flowood, we’ve sold CNG for $1.99 per gasoline gallon equivalent or less for the last four years.

Many law enforcement agencies favor bi-fuel CNG Chevrolet Tahoes and Yukons. NGV Solutions can service these and many other makes and models, in addition to installing conversion kits on existing fleet vehicles.

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