Gas Prices Are Like Pong

Do you remember the Atari game Pong? Decades ago it was a hit video game that simulated table tennis – a “ball” went up and down and players used controllers to try and hit it back across the court. It sounds simple, but the ball moved quickly, so it was harder than it looked to keep the ball in play.

Gas prices today are like Pong, – up and down and up and down – making it difficult for entities with transportation costs to keep their budgets in line. A recent report from GasBuddy.com predicts that nationwide, gas prices will average $2.64 per gallon this year. They’ve increased almost 16 cents a gallon in the last month. Given that prices have decreased more than a dollar a gallon from the 2014 average, consumers aren’t complaining – yet – but should be wary, given that gas price spikes never seem to come down nearly as fast as they shoot up.

Rather than subject your business or government organization to the volatility of gas prices, share your transportation cost data with NGV Solutions. We’ll prepare a detailed study that compares costs should you convert your gasoline-powered vehicles to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

Over the last several years CNG prices have remained stable – generally at less than $2 a gallon. If you have vehicles logging more than 20,000 miles a year, converting to a dual fuel vehicle that also runs on CNG translates into significant savings to a company’s bottom line.

Just as Pong went from heightened popularity to obscurity due to advances in video game technology, so should consumers’ reliance on gasoline and diesel fuel with advances in alternative fuel technology, namely CNG.

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